Meet our Faculty

Not Just Teaching – Preparing

At KMBC you’ll discover a deep faculty-student interaction, reliable mentors, engaging teachers, and caring servants. Whether it’s in the classroom, during office hours, or even in their homes, our professors do more than teach lessons. They work with their students to prepare them for God’s calling. Our students see this firsthand in each and every class they attend.

Their Motivation? Your Success

Don’t be surprised to find that our faculty know each and every student by name. It’s not just because our student/teacher ratio of 6 to 1 allows for small, intimate class sizes, but our professors have a passion not only in your academic success but also in your future success. Our faculty members are unified by their unwavering commitment and faith in Christ and their desire to see each student grow intellectually and spiritually. Get to know them and their accomplishments by reading their profiles.

Meet our Faculty
Rev. Steve Bagby

Adjunct Instructor in Bible

Mrs. Beth Bagby

Instructor in Christian & Elementary Education

Pat Bowen


Zane Darland

Instructor in Bible & Theology

Barbara Deaton

Instructor in English, Missions, & Christian Education

Dr. Richard Englehardt

College Registrar; Instructor in Bible, Discipleship, & History

Rev. Gale Finney

Instructor in Bible & Languages

Rev. Tom Lorimer

Academic Dean & Executive Vice President; Instructor in Theology, Worldview, & Homiletics

Mr. Dan Lorimer

Instructor in Technology

Rev. Jim Nelson

Instructor in Math & Science

Dr. Phil Speas

KMBC & KMHA President; Instructor in Theology & Worldview

Rev. Dave Street

Instructor in Bible & Theology

Charla White

Instructor in Elementary Education

Jay Wisler

Instructor in Music

Amber Wisler

Instructor in Elementary Education