Accepted Students

Congratulations on being accepted to Kentucky Mountain Bible College! We are pleased to have you a part of the student body.

Now that you’ve been accepted, there are a few more forms we’d like you to completed before your arrival. Please take a moment and review the forms below. They may be submitted directly to the admissions office or using Docufide.

  • Scholarship Application Form
    • To be eligible for in-house scholarships, please complete this scholarship application. The priority deadline for filing is May 1st for the Fall Semester and November 1st for the Spring Semester.
  • Medical Information Form
    • Please complete the Student Medical Information form including your family medical history, personal medical history, and immunization record. The form needs to be verified by your physician.
  • Medical Release Form
    • The medical release form will authorize KMBC to take medical action in cases of emergency. If you are under 18, the form must be signed by your parent or legal guardian.

You may send any documents to the admissions department by email or using


Will I need a laptop for college?

A laptop or desktop computer will be necessary to fully benefit from the academic program at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. A computer lab is accessible to supplement academic studies.

Although not required, Microsoft Office or other word processing and slide presentation software is recommended. Alternatives include Apache Open Office as well as Google Docs and Slides.

What cell coverage is in the area?

Due to the mountains in the area, coverage varies on campus depending on your provider and phone antenna quality. We recommend plans with Appalachian Wireless or Verizon. Data service may be available with Appalachian Wireless or Verizon. Talk and Text are available with CDMA national carriers such as Sprint or U.S. Cellular; GSM carries such as AT&T and T-Mobile will likely not have coverage on campus.

Can I make a room request?

Yes, please let us know before arriving if you have a room request. Single rooms are an additional fee and limited to upperclassmen on a first come first serve basis.