A Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

We understand that you likely have questions about college plans during this very challenging time. You don’t want to delay your child’s education, but you also want to make sure that they are safe and not taking any unnecessary risks. In this time of uncertainty, we encourage you to consider KMBC.

Why choosing Kentucky Mountain Bible College makes sense during the Covid-19 crisis:

Minimal Exposure

  • The risk of contracting Covid-19 is directly related to exposure. KMBC is a niche college focused on preparation for Christian ministry. The total campus population is about 120.
  • KMBC is a small campus located about 7 miles from town in a lightly-populated rural area. The local area has had low numbers of Covid-19 cases.
  • KMBC is a relatively self-contained campus, with one main entrance and no pass-through traffic. Nearly all students, faculty, and staff live on campus, reducing the amount of exposure from the greater public. Meals and student services are provided on campus.

Outdoor Opportunities

  • KMBC students have access to over 200 acres of unpopulated privately-owned outdoor space, providing ample room for exercise and recreation without exposure to the public.

Health Care

  • KMBC is located 10 minutes from a regional hospital, with the ability to transfer and life flight.
  • KMBC maintains guest housing which can provide quarantine quarters for students if needed.

Caring Campus Environment

  • Faculty care about each student as a whole person – academically, socially, and spiritually.
  • Smaller campus and class size promote one-on-one interaction between professors and students.
  • Discipleship and mentoring helps strengthen each student spiritually and personally.

Class Options

  • KMBC offers both on campus and online courses, with the option to move between both fluidly, in case the student needs to return home or be quarantined during the semester.

Financial Affordability

  • KMBC maintains an affordable price for private Christian college to make it possible for students to graduate with little to no college debt. Please contact us if you have financial concerns for this fall.

We encourage you to pursue the full campus experience at KMBC this year. Please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions, discuss our Covid-19 protection and prevention policies, and listen and understand your concerns so that we can best serve your family.

David Lorimer dlorimer@kmbc.edu

Director of Admissions 800-879-5622 ext 138

Kentucky Mountain Bible College txt: 606-332-0155

Areas to Consider when Choosing a College in a Crisis

  • Level of Exposure

    The risk of contracting Covid-19 is directly related to exposure. Kentucky Mountain Bible College is located seven miles outside of town, and in a rural setting. Breathitt County, where KMBC is located has only had three confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of May 20th, 2020. We are also surrounded by low risk counties with low numbers of Covid-19 cases.

    KMBC is a relatively self contained campus, we provide most of our services in-house. For the Fall 2020 semester all meals will be served on Campus, reducing students needs to go to town, if they so choose.

    Most KMBC Faculty and Staff live on campus and there are few commuting students from surrounding areas, limiting exposure from the community at large.

    KMBC currently has a total campus population of around 120 people including Students, Staff, and Faculty.

  • Finances

    KMBC is one of the most affordable colleges in the nation at about 1/3 the cost of most Private Christian Colleges. Our faculty and staff choose invest spiritually, academically, and financially into our students – resulting in around the equivalent of a $10,000 scholarship per student.

    KMBC is also able to work with students in coming up with an individualized financial plan tailor to their financial needs.

    KMBC has an on-campus work program allowing students to begin paying off expenses while still in school by working in different departments on campus

    KMBC has many scholarship opportunities

  • Quality of Education

    KMBC offers Quality Christian Education from a Wesleyan-Armenian perspective. This Fall we will offer classes in four different learning formats both on campus and online. With a 6:1 Student-Faculty Ratio students are able to have one-on-one interaction with professors in both a classroom setting. KMBC has an emphasis educating the whole student in the areas of academics, work ethic, personal, and spiritual growth. KMBC also offers a Discipleship and Mentoring Program for all enrolled and on campus students.

    In the Fall of 2020 KMBC students will have the ability to move from being on campus to being online should there be a health emergency

  • Changes in Admissions Requirements

    KMBC has removed the standardized test requirement for Fall 2020

    KMBC is prepared to work with students who may have incomplete transcripts due to school closures and shut downs

    Find more information in “Getting Started” under the Admissions Tab

  • Health Procedures

    KMBC is implementing an aggressive cleaning and sanitation schedule

    KMBC will maintain available Quarantine Quarters

    KMBC will encourage physical distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, and mask wearing as deemed appropriate.

    KMBC will allow students to switch from On Campus to Online during the semester due to health crises or other factors by approval


Campus Atmosphere

“KMBC is such a spiritually rich place and you’ll grow a lot, being in chapel, talking with staff, and being a part of a unique campus culture. The people are amazing and you grow so much in dealing with people, making life-long friends and growing together.”

Seth Bell Class of '21

“The professors and the staff really make themselves available in our lives and help us to grow not only academically but spiritually…”

Matthew Dickerson Class of '24

“…hanging out with friends and sitting in the memorial garden and just watching the sunset and talking about how wondrous and incredible God’s Creation is, and sitting outside the coffee shop and doing homework there and encouraging one another.”

Emmi Collison Class of '22

“The best thing about campus is the sense of community and Christian fellowship that you can have with anyone there.”

Heath Lewis Class of '24

“Community with the other students, like joking around before class, or working with each other, or the rides to Sunday evening service in the bus… we’re in a small community on a small campus and we are doing this whole college life thing together.”

Katie Elliott Class of '20

KMBC and Covid-19

Why Choosing Kentucky Mountain Bible College Makes Sense in 2020