Often, when visitors come to campus, they remark on the great spirit and community they find among the students and staff/faculty. Our students are always seen interacting with each other in various ways on campus. From drinking coffee in Lela G’s Coffee Shop, to worshiping together at the fountain and in the Luce Chapel, the community and camaraderie of our students is tangible! Are you interested in a school that does more than just send you to class and work? Do you want to have a sisterly or brotherly bond with your fellow classmates?

Dorm life is crucial to how KMBC operates! In the dorms, students find friends, study partners, prayer partners, and accountability groups! With staff leadership in each dorm, each student is cared for, personally, and his/her needs–be they spiritual, academic, or social–can be met! Come check out KMBC’s dorm life and see for yourself how the Lord uses the dorms for His good! Do you want to experience God’s working through the dorm life at KMBC?

Men's Dorm

Brengle Hall

Underclassmen Women's Dorm

Paulo Hall

Upperclassmen Women's Dorm

Swauger Hall

Each dorm room comes with two beds, two dressers, and two desks, with two closets built in. Students are given access to a lounge area/kitchenette in each dorm as well as laundry facilities. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean, in line with fire codes, as well as attend monthly dorm meetings to go over announcements and issues that might arise. Every semester, the Student Life Staff throw “Dorm Parties” where the students and staff members for each dorm spend a day or an evening off campus, enjoying food, fellowship, and fun!