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First, congrats on being accepted to Kentucky Mountain Bible College! We’re pleased to have you apart of our campus community. Here at KMBC, whether you’re an on-campus or online student, you will need a Populi account to access class materials, submit assignments, and check your financial aid and current bill. This page will help guide you through the setup process and answer a few common questions.

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Step 1: Setting up your Account

Once you are officially registered as a student at KMBC, you’ll receive an email message from Kentucky Mountain Bible College with login information. This will be sent to the email you gave us during your application process.

The email should look something like this:

Choose “click this link” to get started. Note the expiration date! If your link has expired, please give us a call at 606-693-5000 ext. 175, and we’ll get it reset for you.

You’ll be directed to a page that will ask you for your mobile number. Please type in your cell phone number, and you will receive a text message with a verification code.

Once the verification code arrives, enter it and click “Verify Number.”

Once your mobile number has been confirmed, you’ll be prompted to create a password.

Congrats! Your account setup is complete. Here, under your personalized dashboard, you’ll find alerts, college news, upcoming events, and your current classes. You’ll be seeing this page a lot while a student here at KMBC!

If you need to find your username or the link to the Populi dashboard page again, you can find it your original invitation email. We recommend bookmarking this page in your browser:

Finding Your School Bill

To see your up-to-date school bill, payment due dates, posted payments, and financial aid, start by logging into your Populi account. If you need help setting up a new Populi account, see the tutorial above.

Once you’re logged in, you will see outstanding Financial Aid offers and any unpaid invoices posted under your alerts on the home page.

Otherwise, to access your school bill at any time, click on the “My Profile” tab to continue.

Then click the “Financial” tab.

By clicking the “By Term” tab, you can view your bill from any semester you’ve been enrolled at KMBC. For your current bill, select the current semester (which will be in bold).

Here you will see any Financial Aid Awards that you have accepted, payments you’ve made, and the current charges due. If you have questions regarding the amounts due, please call the Financial Aid Office at 606-693-5000 ext. 176. To accept your financial aid awards, please see the tutorial below.

Accepting Financial Aid Awards

To accept your KMBC Financial Aid Award, log into your Populi account, and you will see outstanding offers and any unpaid invoices on the home page.

Otherwise, click the “My Profile” tab to continue.

Then click the “Financial” tab.

Then click the “Financial Aid” tab.

Here you will see your pending Financial Aid Awards. Click the appropriate button, and you’re done!