KMBC students are among the best prepared students who come to WBS [Wesley Biblical Seminary].

Tom HalfordFormer Vice President of Student Development at Wesley Biblical Seminary

One of the main reasons I look to KMBC for pastors is how well-suited their graduates are to appreciate and fit in with the culture and mindset of who we are.

Dr. Marlin HotleFormer Tennessee District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church

It is obvious that the purpose of KMBC is to teach and train young people to reach their potential in serving God.

Gary KnoxWork Team Leader

The quality of the students I have encountered from KMBC has been very high spiritually.

Susie HowardFormer Director of Recruitment at OMS International

The education I got at KMBC is what I use the most.

David Munson, Sr.Headmaster of Mt. Carmel Schools

We have [KMBC] alumni serving both in the church and in missions, across this country and around the world, proving themselves worthy of the calling with which they were called.

Hubert HarrimanFormer President of World Gospel Mission

KMBC graduates are purposeful; they believe God has called them and are seriously seeking to prepare themselves.

Dr. Becky LumanProfessor at Wesley Biblical Seminary

Some of the best or finest missionaries in all the world come from these schools.

Dr. Roy LauterPresident of New Hope International Ministries

The quality is unequaled, absolutely unequaled.

Gary KnoxWork Team Leader

There is no better holiness education or biblical training anywhere in the world.

Dr. Mark BarnesNorth Carolina District Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene