Why should I choose to attend Kentucky Mountain Bible College?


Being in high school, we’re sure that you get bombarded with college email, phone calls, and snail mail. Because of this, if you’re like a lot of students, you’re probably wondering “what is it about these different colleges that make them appealing to me?”

Due to the ever changing world we’re living in, it’s always a good idea to know as much about a school as possible before choosing it, or canning it. So, here’s a list of very important questions and issues that students have when considering which school to choose.

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Kentucky Mountain Bible College is focused on training young men and women for ministry. To do this, we specialize in preparing pastors, missionaries, Christian teachers, and other church leaders for real-world service.

If God has called you into ministry, you need to check out KMBC!

At KMBC, we have 23 main options for programs of study. In addition to those programs, we also have a few options to combine different aspects of multiple programs together. This helps create personalized degrees for our students.

Here’s a list of programs for you to check out.

While we focus mainly on ministry majors, we need Christian architects, woodworkers, and zoologists in addition to pastors, teachers, and missionaries. In light of this, at KMBC, you can dig deep into God’s word for a year or two for a good Biblical foundation. Then, you can take that foundation into the major of your choice at another school.

Check out an overview of what we’re about.

Because we’re training people for ministry, we understand that high tuition will keep students in debt for life. In order to keep costs down, we have work teams that volunteer their time and talents to fix up our campus. Adding to that, our alumni endowments and scholarships go to a majority of our students. Also, our professors actually give up their salary as scholarships for the students. As a result, they don’t get paid like normal college professors do.

How much will KMBC cost for you?

If our goal was only to ensure good grades and beautiful statistics (btw— here are some of our own beautiful stats!), our main push for success would be in the classroom. In itself, this goal has very little bearing on the real world. KMBC is passionate about preparing our students for work in their fields of study. However, we also work on building up character and hands-on skills that are only taught by real life experiences outside of the classroom.

For more on how we do this, check out how we develop the whole person!

A lot of students worry about being far away from family. At KMBC, you’ll gain a whole new family of peers, staff, and faculty. Our faculty and staff live on campus, so all we have to do is call and head on up for great fellowship with Godly people. We also have family style meals where the faculty and staff eat right along with the students. As a result, there are bonds and relationships on our campus that are virtually unheard of at other schools.

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While it might be easy to describe campus on this page, for this answer, you’ll have to come for a visit! So, register for your visit now! I hope to see you soon!

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