20 Reasons Why KMBC Grads Last Longer in Ministry

Most colleges focus on expanding a person’s intellectual powers; KMBC seeks to develop the whole person.

KMBC is a specialty school that focuses on spiritual leadership and ministry.

KMBC emphasizes heart purity and death to selfishness.

KMBC has a spiritually intense environment – 77% of our 4-year graduates go into some form of ministry.

KMBC has a legacy of role models who were non-quitters with tremendous longevity. Among these include Alice Fisher, who served at KMBC for 70 years; Henrietta Griffith, who continues to serve at KMBC after 66 years of service; Gene Light after 54 years; and Mary Ellen Mowery, who continues to serve at the college after 53 years of service.

KMBC has opted to take the ethical high road.

KMBC emphasizes more practical academics. Most schools emphasize tests and term papers. KMBC emphasizes projects and practical ministry in the mix.

KMBC has not surrendered to secularism.

KMBC maintains a low student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1.

KMBC promotes a quality work program which develops a stronger work ethic.

KMBC emphasizes character development.

KMBC uses effective traditions to emphasize manners, politeness and higher cultural standards.

KMBC provides many opportunities for ministry.

KMBC places a strong emphasis on prayer.

KMBC family atmosphere facilitates better communication skills.

KMBC’s staff model servanthood.

KMBC’s staff model frugality and sound money management.

KMBC’s low student costs make it easier for students to go directly into ministry without the burden of large debt.

KMBC’s provides many opportunities for leadership development.

KMBC’s culture teaches students how to submit to authority.

KMBC’s emphasis on neatness, teaches organization and cleanliness.