“For many years, I have observed that KMBC has one of the best records of training young people for full time ministry. I established a scholarship fund with KMBC because I wanted my life as holiness minister to live on after I was gone. It is so rewarding to get letters every year from students that have been helped by these funds. I thank God that I am even now reaping eternal benefits from this investment.”

” Fifteen years ago, my wife and I decided that while saving up for retirement, we also wanted to start a scholarship endowment in memory of my parents who had spent over 50 years in ministry. Over the years with the help of others that initial scholarship has grown 10 times. It  brings me great joy to know that the amount given remains unspent with the earnings providing scholarships year after year, even after we are gone.”

What a privilege it was to study at Kentucky Mountain Bible College! Giants of the faith taught us the truth of Scriptural Holiness and demonstrated it in their lives. I had been saved and sanctified and called to preach the gospel before going to KMBC, but it was there that God established in me lifelong principles in the life of holiness. Study of His Word and the life of prayer became my regular practice. God taught me the importance of daily walking with Him and seeking His guidance.

In over fifty years ministry I have kept in touch with KMBC and have recommended this college to young people, some of whom trained there and are serving the Lord in ministry today. We have included this training center in our will and have established a scholarship fund so that we can have a part in its world-wide outreach until Jesus comes.

Rev. Don SeymourChurch of Christ in Christian Union

There are many choices in life that we have to make. One of those choices is deciding which college to attend. After enrolling in KMBC as a freshman in 2011, I became aware that the faculty and staff were committed to teaching, preaching and living heart holiness. At KMBC God entirely sanctified my heart, and I began preparing to preach and teach this life-changing experience. Through the many classes, chapels, revivals, and campus jobs I grew closer to the Lord.

I was blessed to marry my sweet wife while attending KMBC. We received much support and guidance during this transition phase. The faculty and staff have provided the example for a Christ centered marriage. KMBC was foundational in preparing me for ministry, marriage, and so much more. I am truly blessed to have chosen a college full of people that believe and live the sanctified life.

Gareth Stephenson2015 Graduate

I looked forward to being in the really godly atmosphere. It is a great place to meet godly friends that you will keep. The food was really good. I can’t say enough good things about the camp! It’s the reason I’m a student at KMBC.

KaLoy Hagens

I like the atmosphere and the spiritual focus. I I loved the tea and the food was good. The interaction with the games helped everyone get involved. The canoeing
and hiking at Natural Bridge were lots of fun. I came to the camp three years – it is the best church camp I have ever attended.

Garrett Sparks

At KMBC, I learned the importance of disciplined study and intellectual growth.

Dr. Jon L. EarleProfessor in Danville, Kentucky

It’s like coming home [KMBC], even though you’ve never been there before.

Ashley McKnightProgram Manager for the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana

We are always interested in getting students from KMBC.

Tom HalfordFormer Vice President of Student Development at Wesley Biblical Seminary

As a post-graduate student in the one of the world’s leading universities, I equally say: The training and experience you will receive at KMBC, will be second to none!

Dr. Jon L. EarleProfessor in Danville, Kentucky