“I’m thankful for KMBC because of the professors who invest our lives, and take the time to tell us they care not only about our academic success, but our spiritual lives.”

Ashlee Stewart, Class of 2018

“It is nice to be able to get your education at your convenience. You have the opportunity to really get ahead in the class. Online classes provide the convenience to get an education while working a job too.”

Travis Johnson, Class of 2015

God is promoted, taught, and experienced in the classroom.

Joanna Schick, Student

KMBC is a place dedicated to prayer, dedicated to transforming lives, and dedicated to preparing people for ministry.

Bubba Jennings, Class of 2016

Coming from a large university, I thought I would have less opportunities at KMBC. I was wrong. I have had more opportunities here than I ever would have at my previous college.

Alyssa O’Donnell, Class of 2016

It was through KMBC that I learned to apply the Bible to everyday life.

David Munson, Sr., Headmaster of Mt. Carmel School

I have invested in KMBC annuities because I know KMBC is doing an outstanding job in training and preparing youth for church related ministries. I feel my investment is an eternal investment. Another good reason is because banks, and secular institutions are paying the lowest interest in my life time.

A Friend from Florida

In class this week, we were talking about how graduate work is different from undergraduate.  In graduate work, the teacher said, the focus is on “critical thinking.”  The thing is, I went to a college [KMBC] that emphasized “critical thinking” in undergraduate work.  The class lecturer went on to say that graduate work requires us to learn to think and come to conclusions.  This was common in every undergraduate class I had.  My alma mater [KMBC] taught us to think, and I am thankful for that.

Brandon Edwards, 2015 Graduate

Most recently, I was privileged to be the speaker for the school’s 2016 Winter Revival. For the next six days, I observed what sets KMBC apart from most schools of higher learning. There is a sense of community. The faculty and students care about each other. The times of prayer around the altar and fellowship in the school’s cafeteria testify to that fact. The students have a sense of purpose. Most are studying full time ministry. The message of holiness is priority. This emphasis is the backbone of the school and has been throughout its storied history. Kentucky Mountain Bible College deserves … needs our support. They have mine!”

Rev. Lane Loman, Nazarene Evangelist

“I am so incredibly thankful for KMBC. Today [October 3, 2015], Elizabeth and I were faced with a challenge that, without the theological and Biblical training we’ve received here, would have ended in disaster. Our central beliefs, traditions, and our faith itself was brought into question by a young man at the Apple Festival in Paintsville. We felt led to talk to this man about Christ and it ended up in an hour long confrontation about the values and the corruption of Christianity. God definitely helped the both of us to stand our ground and defend His name even though we weren’t expecting such a discussion to arise. Because of the classes, chapels, professors, and ministries around campus, Elizabeth and I were able to speak to this man with confidence in Christ and give answers to questions I didn’t even think I knew. Without the amazing training from KMBC and the anointing of God, we would have been wrecked and so discouraged by what this man said to us and about our faith that we hold so dear. I am so grateful for the excellent training I have received at KMBC that has prepared me to intelligently witness, share, and defend my faith in this post-Christian culture.”

Alyssa O’Donnell, KMBC Senior