Dear Parent,

Thank you for considering Kentucky Mountain Bible College as the higher education choice for your student. It is our joy to invest in advancing Christ’s Kingdom by pouring our lives into the lives of young people who are impacting our world for our Lord Jesus Christ.

You have important decisions to make. Colleges are asking you for two very important things – your children and your money. Invest wisely! Research by Steve Henderson of Christian Consulting indicates that 53% of Christian students who attend secular colleges and universities will lose their faith, never again to regain it! One denomination projects losing 400,000 youth to Satan in the next 4 years! This is unacceptable!

I encourage you to look seriously at sending your children to Kentucky Mountain Bible College. KMBC is here to partner with you in grounding your young person in God’s Word. Their passion is to prepare young people with a passion to love and serve Jesus, clearly articulating their faith in Christ, and finding their place of service to Jesus in this present age.

KMBC is a small Christian Bible college located in safe, rural Kentucky. They strive to offer superior academics at an affordable cost. At KMBC, you will find a friendly and personal atmosphere, where faculty are approachable, students develop deep friendships, and Christianity is encouraged in all areas of life. KMBC graduates are highly respected and desired by several denominations, churches, schools, mission agencies, and higher-educational institutions. Some of these claim that KMBC graduates are unequaled in preparedness. They would like your child to become a part of this effective team and help change the world!

Please allow KMBC to help your young person find God’s passion for their lives. Contact KMBC’s Chief Admissions Counselor, David Lorimer, email, or 1-800-TRY-KMBC, ext. 138 for more information.


Dr. John E. Neihof
President of Wesley Biblical Seminary