Programs of Study

KMBC offers instruction in the Bible and also offers a strong core of general education courses. Graduates from all curriculums in the four-year program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion.

An Associate of Arts Degree in Bible/Biblical Studies is awarded to those who successfully complete the two-year program.

KMBC is accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We are also licensed by the Kentucky Council on Post-secondary Education for granting the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and the Associate of Arts Degree in Bible/Biblical Studies.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (2 Years)

Biblical Studies

The Associate of Arts Degree Program has been developed for men and women who desire a solid Biblical foundation before pursuing a secular or applied form of education or who desire to develop a strong Christian worldview and gain the tools to evangelize and disciple. The A.A. degree acts as a pre-professional program, providing spiritual and intellectual preparation for further education and/or for service in the local church.

Program Advisor: Jay Wisler.

Bachelor of Arts in Religion (4 Years)

Christian Ministries Department

KMBC’s Christian Ministry Program has been developed to equip men and women to serve Christ in a variety of different ministries. This program affords the student the choice of designing a major by combining two professional program options. An example of this would be combining Communications with Missions, or another possibility might be combining Christian Education with Ministerial. There are at least ten different options available to chose from, opening the doors for a broad ranged ministry.

The 5 different areas from which to chose are Ministerial, Missions, Discipleship/Christian Education, Communication and Music.

Program Advisor: Rev. Steve Bagby.

Missions and Intercultural Studies Department

The Missions Program is focused on preparing men and women to serve Christ in a cross-cultural setting. An annual Missions Convention is held on campus in the fall, Student Involvement (a campus missionary organization) plans activities on a monthly basis, and Fridays are designated as “Missions Chapels” where missionary speakers/programs are presented and a missionary awareness is encouraged. Typically, ten to fifteen percent of KMBC’s student body is composed of international students, who provide a rich cultural context to supplement our academic programs. Opportunities for summer and mid-semester short-term missions trips are available and encouraged.

Program Advisor: Barbara Deaton.

Discipleship Department

The Christian Education Program helps prepare students to teach in a wide variety of Christian ministries. Graduates are well prepared to take on the task of teaching Sunday School, planning VBS, and assisting in summer ministries. They study learning methods and educational philosophy. Students evaluate curriculum materials, teach lessons, and even have the chance to practice their skills in a church setting.

Program Advisor: Rev. Steve Bagby.

Education Department

KMBC’s Elementary Christian Teacher Education Program provides the student knowledge of Bible content and principles and skills to meet the demands for trained teachers for Christian elementary schools, Kindergarten through eighth grade. Student who complete the program will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a major in Elementary Christian Teacher Education. This program prepares the student to enter Christian day school ministry. Those who complete the program will be eligible to apply to the Association of Christian Schools International for certification in their teaching areas.

Please note: This program does not fulfill all the requirements to teach in secular schools or to obtain state certification in elementary education.

Program Advisor: Charla White.

General Studies Department

The General Studies program is designed for students desiring to transfer professional credits toward a Bible college degree. This program supplies an opportunity to apply these credits to the best advantage to complete a B.A. Degree in Bible/Ministry.

Program Advisor: Rev. Steve Bagby.

Ministerial Studies Department

The Ministerial Program is designed to equip men and women to serve Christ in pastoral and evangelistic ministries. Three professional program options are offered: Pastoral Ministries, Ministerial with Greek, and Youth Ministries. In addition to the Ministerial program, a number of opportunities are available for practical outreach experiences: prison ministry, nursing home ministry, ministry targeting area youth, dramatic ministry, as well as opportunities to preach and teach in area churches.

Program Advisor: David Street.

Music Department

The Music Ministry Program is designed for students who wish to participate in Christian ministry through music. The student will complete the 46 hour general education core, the 28 hour Bible core, 10 hours of theology, 18 hours in music, plus an 18 hour concentration to complete a total of 130 hours.

Program Advisor: Jay Wisler.