Intercultural Studies

Do you feel called to give aid in a closed country?

The Intercultural Studies program will equip students who wish to work abroad and in diverse cultures with the skills necessary to make and impact in their chosen context, which includes creative entry into restricted nations. The classes offered in the Intercultural Studies program will aid students in reaching out to people in need, understanding diverse cultural norms, and making the most out of their desire to travel and make a difference.

If your desire is to reach out in aid to needy peoples around the world, KMBC’s Intercultural Studies program is for you!


Beth Ryan in Honduras

Intercultural Studies Program Overview

Credit Hours

130 Credit Hours

What classes will I study?

As a student in the Intercultural Studies program, you will take classes that will prepare you to work with people in their own culture, provide aid to those in need, as well as understanding the need for intercultural work. Classes in the Intercultural Studies program will include those that focus on indigenous societies, understanding mankind as a whole, and working in intercultural contexts. For a complete list, fill out the information request form on the right.

Have more questions?

Ms. Barbara Deaton

Meet the Intercultural Studies Department advisor. Ms. Barbara Deaton will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the program. Otherwise, request more information to get in touch with our admissions team.

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