Endowment Scholarships


Many students feel a call to prepare for ministry at KMBC, but lack the necessary funds to attend. KMBC is working hard to address this problem by raising more scholarship money for needy, deserving students. In recent years many friends of the college have given generously. We are very grateful that at present we have over fifty named endowed scholarships which award annual scholarships. While much progress has been made in this area, we are still short of meeting the need.


When you establish an endowment, the contributed funds are held, maintained and invested by the college. Over time, earnings accrue interest which is used to award scholarships year after year. As the fund’s principal is never spent, the endowment lives in perpetuity, giving you the peace of mind that your legacy will be helping to train young men and women for ministry even after you are called home to heaven.  A named scholarship endowment may be established with as little as $5,000.


Along with the knowledge that you have had a part in preparing Christian young men and women to be the next generation of Christian leaders and ministers, there are several benefits to establishing an endowed scholarship:

  • Your scholarship gift is 100% tax deductable.
  • You have the opportunity to name the endowed scholarship fund in memory of a loved one, in honor of a dear friend, or in your own name.
  • Each year you will receive a thank-you letter from a student or studetns you have helped. As you will know the students you’ve helped, you will be able to pray for them by name.
  • Your gift will continue to give year after year, even after you’ve gone to heaven.
  • Your friends and family can also make additional gifts to your endowment, increasing the value and impact of your scholarship in future years.

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