Ministry Involvement Scholarship Nomination

  • A recognition scholarship to honor and invest in those students who go above and beyond KMBC requirements of ministry involvement. Preference is given to those students who demonstrate a Passion for Ministry, exemplary character, and a track record of ministry involvement.

    The scholarship is available for both full-time and part-time students, on- or off-campus.


    14% tuition scholarship (amount based on tuition, can be applied to any/all college costs)

  • Students can nominate themselves to apply for this scholarship. Others may also nominate a student they believe is deserving.
  • Express why you believe this person is deserving of the KMBC Ministry Involvement Scholarship
  • The name of the person nominating the nominee for the scholarship.
  • Ie: self, home pastor, professor, field ministry supervisor, friend, etc
  • We may contact you as a reference
  • We may contact you as a reference
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