Kentucky Mountain Bible College is a great place to be. I recently had the privilege of going to a weekend youth retreat in another state. There was music and preaching and a lot of victories won over that weekend. However, the main thing it did for me was make me appreciate Kentucky Mountain Bible College more than I did before I left for the weekend. I have grown up in the holiness church under my father’s preaching my whole life. I never had to question whether the songs we sang at church or the preaching that took place were doctrinally sound. I was always able to absorb all that I heard, like a sponge. When I came to KMBC I had the same experience where I didn’t have to worry about what was being sung or preached; I could just take everything that was said and immediately apply it to my life. When I went to this conference, although there were some really good things about it, I was disappointed with both the music and preaching. Many of the songs were a bit shallow—all about love and bravery and grace. The preaching had ideas and concepts that were not Scriptural but were being preached as so. I left the conference being refreshed because I had gone to focus on God and He always comes through. More importantly, I came away very appreciative of the school that I attend. At
KMBC, there is a huge emphasis on singing songs that are doctrinally and scripturally sound. There is something so rich about hymns that make a soul get blessed. After all, they have stood the test of time. The preaching at this school is always on point. God has spoken to me at this school in ways that I had never expected to experience. He has completely changed my life and I am a new woman in Him. I give the Lord all the glory and praise and I thank Kentucky Mountain Bible College for being such a helpful aid in my spiritual walk.