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We are always interested in getting students from KMBC.

Tom Halford
Former Vice President of Student Development at Wesley Biblical Seminary

What a privilege it was to study at Kentucky Mountain Bible College! Giants of the faith taught us the truth of Scriptural Holiness and demonstrated it in their lives. I had been saved and sanctified and called to preach the gospel before going to KMBC, but it was there that God established in me lifelong principles in the life of holiness. Study of His Word and the life of prayer became my regular practice. God taught me the importance of daily walking with Him and seeking His guidance.

In over fifty years ministry I have kept in touch with KMBC and have recommended this college to young people, some of whom trained there and are serving the Lord in ministry today. We have included this training center in our will and have established a scholarship fund so that we can have a part in its world-wide outreach until Jesus comes.

Rev. Don Seymour
Church of Christ in Christian Union

KMBC has played a major role in my life, not only spiritually which is to be expected, but in the professional, social and overall makeup and fibers of who I have become.

Jeff Snyder
Graduate of KMBC (2000)

I have never been around a finer student body.

Dr. Marlin Hotle
Former Tennessee District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church

I have always been impressed with the spiritual and academic preparedness of KMBC students, when it comes to ministry.

Hubert Harriman
President of World Gospel Mission

KMBC is producing the kind of young people who make an enduring difference in this world.

Hubert Harriman
President of World Gospel Mission

It is obvious that the purpose of KMBC is to teach and train young people to reach their potential in serving God.

Gary Knox
Work Team Leader

“I am grateful for Kmbc because here I have been spiritually grounded in my faith.”

Ashley Tomlian, Class of 2018

The training we received at KMBC has served us extremely well across the years.

Mike Adams
Church of the Nazarene Evangelist

God is promoted, taught, and experienced in the classroom.

Joanna Schick, Student

The education I got at KMBC is what I use the most.

David Munson, Sr.
Headmaster of Mt. Carmel Schools

Depending on what kind of work they might be given to, we consider KMBC graduates to be well prepared for missionary service.

Hubert Harriman
President of World Gospel Mission