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KMBC students are equipped to pastor and shepherd the flock of God.

David Cooper
Pastor in Deford, Michigan

Two words describe what I have come to expect KMBC graduates to be: “balanced” and “sacrificial.

Dr. Marlin Hotle
Former Tennessee District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church

The school [KMBC] has been a blessing to WGM and we hope our partnership stays strong for the glory of God and the sending of Christian workers.

Todd Eckhart
Vice-President of Homeland Ministries for World Gospel Mission

Depending on what kind of work they might be given to, we consider KMBC graduates to be well prepared for missionary service.

Hubert Harriman
Former President of World Gospel Mission

It’s like coming home [KMBC], even though you’ve never been there before.

Ashley McKnight
Program Manager for the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana

I have complete confidence that the training and education they[KMBC students] have received is unequaled.

Gary Knox
Work Team Leader

KMBC provides the ideal environment in which to study and learn about God and His Word.

Class of 2007

The graduates we have worked with from KMBC have a strong biblical and doctrinal foundation which adds to their sense of direction and call.

Todd Eckhart
Vice-President of Homeland Ministries for World Gospel Mission

There is no better holiness education or biblical training anywhere in the world.

Dr. Mark Barnes
North Carolina District Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene

KMBC is a place dedicated to prayer, dedicated to transforming lives, and dedicated to preparing people for ministry.

Bubba Jennings, Class of 2016

Students from KMBC are top notch.  They are prepared not only mentally, but spiritually to fulfill their ministry.

David Cooper
Pastor in Deford, Michigan

“I am grateful for Kmbc because here I have been spiritually grounded in my faith.”

Ashley Tomlian, Class of 2018