Merry Christmas from KMBC!

Christ has given us the greatest gift!


Christmas Cantata

December 9th at 7:00 PM

KMBC Fall Drama

KMBC Fall Drama


November 16th at 7:00 PM





Holiness Summit 2012

All are welcome to attend these services, where we anticipate rich exhortations to live pure, holy lives for the glory of God!

Class Reunion of 1957

Class Motto Celebrating 55 Years

October 27th 



Fall Revival Services


October 7-12 with Rev. James Keaton


The Race

Running with Kindness and Compassion to our Community ...


The Race 2012

    Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

- Hebrews 12:1b 


KMBC Singing Groups

KMBC has 2 singing groups that are touring this summer!  Join us for a worship service!

Live the Change!

    Mount Carmel Youth Camp

July 23-28


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