Youth Groups and families traveled (some as far as Georgia and Alabama!) to KMBC on Thursday evening to register and move into their rooms. Friday offered opportunities for visiting students to attend classes and get acquainted with the professors and students at the college.

Then Friday afternoon, groups went on a crazy adventure through Natural Bridge, hiking while pretending to have a specific disability. Some had to get around hopping on only one leg, while others walked around blindfolded, depending on the people in front of them to lead them. This fun activity introduced the participants to the theme of the event – I-SPY: Seeing the World Through God's Eyes. The purpose of this theme was to remind us how important it is to not just see other people, but to see them how God sees them – with love, compassion, forgiveness, and a willingness to reach out to them.

Another great way to see other people how God sees them is to understand other cultures. The Friday evening meal was full of great food from other countries and cultures. Everyone went through a long buffet, sampling delicacies from China, Haiti, Greece, Korea, Native America (Seneca), Ukraine, Hungary, Ethiopia, Thailand, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea. This meal was more than delicious – it was a great opportunity to learn about the flavors and preferences of people from all around!

 Friday evening, 2011 KMBC graduate Shushan Richardson shared in a special missions chapel about her call to Ukraine, and more importantly, her choice to obey God's call. She challenged everyone to follow the Lord wherever He leads them, and to not settle for anything less than the very center of God's will. After chapel, everyone enjoyed snacks and watched the movie “The End of the Spear” on the ball field. This movie vividly portrayed the meaning of giving up everything to reach others with God's love and making the ultimate sacrifice to see different people from a different culture as God sees them. 

Saturday morning, Dr. Speas spoke in chapel about the importance of loving others and reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – no matter the cost. He shared that being cool, having a lot of money and possessions, and having fame and prestige were nothing compared to obeying God's call. 

Following the morning chapel service, visitors went through the program fair, which introduced them to the programs and degrees offered at KMBC. This year, the program fair was held in the basement of the chapel – a great new space for occasions such as this! After lunch, the visiting groups packed up and said their goodbyes, already making plans to attend the next event in April!

KMBC's fall recruiting event I-SPY was a wonderful time, full of new friends, exciting activities, and great food! But most important of all was the challenge to live in a way that would further God's kingdom and glorify Him – the life-changing challenge of seeing the world through God's eyes.