Renovation in Ladies' Dorm

       For KMBC dorm students, home is a fully furnished dorm room typically shared with a fellow student. Why not make that home sweet? The dorm rooms for ladies living on the 2nd floor of the Administration building have received significant improvements over this summer.  All of the rooms were taken down to the studs and were completely redone.  After all of theses improvements, carpet now softens the floors, beautiful crown molding frames the windows and doorways, and the larger closet space gives the ladies some much-needed room for storage. Special additions to the second floor include the warm seating area at the end of the hallway and new furniture for the back porch. The new furniture for the dorm rooms is expected to arrive in late September!


       Work teams came from all around to help with this exciting project. Dr. Speas said that he never saw so much giving toward a project other than the Helen Mathews Luce Chapel. He was encouraged by the response of those who contributed both in giving and volunteering. Sarah Louise Luce, who designed the interior of the chapel named for her grandmother, offered her expertise once again, and helped to design the dorm rooms and hall. She worked with KMBC's first lady, Wanda Speas, to create a beautiful dorm environment for the students.



Thanks to all who gave toward this renovation project through funds, labor, or prayer!  You have helped make the 2nd floor of the Administration building home sweet home!