Financial Information

Cost of Attendance

KMBC endeavors to keep educational costs to a minimum. Tuition and fees cover only a small portion of the total educational cost. The college appreciates and depends on the generous support of churches, alumni, and friends. A substantial part of the cost of each student's education comes from these sources.

The total cost of a semester of study at KMBC includes room and board, required fees, books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and special fees when applicable.

  The approximate cost for one semester
in 2014-2015 is itemized below:

Tuition (15 semester hours)


Meal Plan




Books (estimated)


Required Fees (estimated)


 Estimated semester cost


* Transportation & Personal Expenses not included.

A list of required fees and special expenses can be found in the Finance Section of the College Catalog.

KMBC reserves the right to change prices without notice.


Payment Options

Before the start of each semester students will receive a Financial Aid Plan (FAP) from the KMBC Financial Aid Office. The FAP contains the student's estimated cost, confirmed financial aid, and the remaining semester balance (work study is not applied until earned). The remaining semester balance listed on the FAP may be paid in the following ways:

Option 1:  Full payment may be made at or before registration each semester.

Option 2:  Payment may be made in four installments:




Due Date


25% of bill (on FAP)

At or Before Registration


33% of remaining balance

Oct. 15/March 15


50% of remaining balance

Nov. 15/April 15


Remaining balance *

Dec. 11/May 14



Any changes to a student's cost or financial aid  will be reflected in the student's subsequent payments.

A charge of $25.00 will be added to accounts every time a payment is not paid on time.

Students who have any unpaid school accounts with the Business Office, Bookstore, Library, Financial Aid Office, or the Dorm Supervisor must make satisfactory arrangements with the Business Manager before final examinations may be taken.

If a check or draft which has been accepted in the Bookstore or the Business Office is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds, $15.00 will be added to the student's account. 

Textbooks and supplies purchased in the KMBC Book Store may be paid for in cash, by credit card, or charged to the student's account.


Payment Methods

Check:                        Make checks payable to Kentucky Mountain Bible College (KMBC)

Credit Card:            KMBC accepts all major credit cards

PayPal:                       Online at


Direct questions to:      KMBC Business Manager: (606) 693-5000 x111 / or by email


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