“I am so incredibly thankful for KMBC. Today [October 3, 2015], Elizabeth and I were faced with a challenge that, without the theological and Biblical training we’ve received here, would have ended in disaster. Our central beliefs, traditions, and our faith itself was brought into question by a young man at the Apple Festival in Paintsville. We felt led to talk to this man about Christ and it ended up in an hour long confrontation about the values and the corruption of Christianity. God definitely helped the both of us to stand our ground and defend His name even though we weren’t expecting such a discussion to arise. Because of the classes, chapels, professors, and ministries around campus, Elizabeth and I were able to speak to this man with confidence in Christ and give answers to questions I didn’t even think I knew. Without the amazing training from KMBC and the anointing of God, we would have been wrecked and so discouraged by what this man said to us and about our faith that we hold so dear. I am so grateful for the excellent training I have received at KMBC that has prepared me to intelligently witness, share, and defend my faith in this post-Christian culture.”