Statement of Compliance

It is my desire to receive academic education and Christian training at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. I understand the institution and its staff are of the Wesleyan/Arminian view of interpreting the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, I acknowledge that KMBC’s theology, doctrines, and rules are created to reflect this interpretation. Admittedly I hold a differing view than KMBC. Out of Christian love and fellowship, I sign this document to verify that I am willing to come under KMBC’s authority, and I will cooperate with its declared position of theology, doctrines, and rules. Therefore, I willingly comply by agreeing to never try to impress or influence anyone with my positions, views, or practices of beliefs that differ with that of KMBC. I further understand and accept that by signing this document it serves as my warning relative to any possible violations. If at anytime I fail to comply, I am subject to immediate dismissal as a student of Kentucky Mountain Bible College.
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