China Missions Chapel

Miss Barbara Deaton, missions and education professor at KMBC, spoke in missions chapel about her trip to China this past summer. Miss Deaton stayed in Beijing, China for a month, training Christian teachers how to teach using visuals. 

Miss Deaton had the opportunity to teach sanctification to the teachers as well as to the students. Several of the students prayed to receive a holy heart. A teacher later shared with Miss Deaton that she had been praying for the children to understand and receive the gift of sanctification. We praise the Lord that the work in China is thriving, however it needs much prayer. Miss Deaton shared several prayer requests, including prayer for local pastors, school administrators, as well as for the teachers and and various Sunday schools. The school is also needs more workers. KMBC is thankful for faithful workers like Miss Deaton and prays that God will raise up more leaders to do His work in countries such as China.