"Give, Go, Pray"

KMBC strives to put an emphasis on missions and present challenges for students to become involved in missions in various ways. One of the ways in which KMBC does this is through Friday missions chapels. Missions chapels and other student-led aspects of missions are organized by the KMBC missions cabinet. Last week’s missions chapel was presented by the cabinet members. After the opening prayer and hymn, each member of the cabinet introduced themselves, beginning with Sarah Richardson, staff sponsor of the missions cabinet.

David Bagby, president of the missions cabinet, introduced the mission chapels theme of  “Give, Go, Pray.”  Treasurer Andrew Mast presented the importance and blessing of Giving to missions. Secretary Jessica Seale shared the theme of Going by recounting her opportunity to serve in Ukraine two summers ago. Song leader Marie Beakler continued the theme by sharing of opportunities to serve without going to another country, opportunities right here in Eastern Kentucky. Vice President Kirk Bagby emphasized the importance and necessity of prayer in mission efforts. Pianist Samantha Hudson continued the theme by closing the service in prayer for our missionaries serving around the world.

The KMBC missions cabinet hopes to see hearts and lives changed this semester as students “Give, Go, and Pray.”