Stand Out!

KMBC’s Spring 2013 recruiting event was filled with activity. Along with a Creation Seminar and Talent Contest, the event included games, a bonfire, a special chapel service, and a program fair.

The event began on Thursday evening with the first Creation Seminar session with Apologist Mike Riddle. This seminar continued from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm the following day. After lunch, the games began! Games with Danny Speas in the gym included “the six cracker challenge,” life sized jenga, and nine square in the air.  Life-sized Clue around the campus came next. This game is a popular recruiting event activity, and apparently teams are becoming quite good at it. The winning team of this year’s Clue game figured out the correct answers within the first ten minutes! The third game was a photo scavenger hunt in Jackson. This photography scavenger hunt was no ordinary scavenger hunt. Team members were challenged to take photos of objects and team members doing various things all while being handicapped. Two people wore ear plugs, two were blindfolded, one could not speak, one had to hop on one foot.

After supper, the Talent Competition Concert was held, and Dr. John Neihof announced the winners of the afternoon’s scholarship contest winners. Afterward, the KMBC choir sang with anointing and power. Following the concert, a bonfire took place in front of the dining hall with the use of a makeshift fire pit.

The next morning, a special chapel service was held. Following a heartfelt worship service, Dr. Speas preached a message on courage, challenging the congregation to “Stand Out” for God. Prospective students participated in the program fair after chapel. Most guests were soon on their way after lunch, with hopes to attend next fall’s recruiting event. According to Dr. Speas, Stand Out was one of the best recruiting events we’ve ever had. We hope this fall’s event will be even better!