Missions in Guyana

One of the unique experiences at KMBC is Friday Missions Chapel. Every Friday a special emphasis is placed on world missions. Often missionaries serving around the world will share about their ministry and experience from their corner of the globe. However, Friday missions chapel, also gives students a chance to share about their recent missions opportunities. Guyana was one of the several ministry opportunities students were involved in over the summer.

Rev. David Street, a professor and ministry leader at KMBC, lead the group. In one the KMBC missions chapels, he presented regarding the preaching and teaching opportunities he had in Guyana. This included a holiness convention, where many native people were saved, sanctified, and renewed in Christ. Mrs. Louise Street and Lauren Harvey, a sophomore at KMBC, shared about the children’s ministry the team conducted while in Guyana. It was encouraging to hear how the team was able to share the gospel with Hindu and Muslim children. “There is such freedom there,” Louise said, “though I fear there may not be for much longer.” Rose talked about two young women, Shanella and Sara, who have a heart on fire for God. She asked the congregation to keep them in prayer that they may stay strong in Him.

The Streets and Nick Armstrong, a senior at KMBC, are looking forward to going back to Guyana in January for another short-term ministry opportunity.