Constitution Day

 George Washington made an appearance in the KMBC dining hall after lunch on Monday, September 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution at Independence Hall 225 years ago and to announce KMBC’s Constitution Day Banquet to be held that Thursday evening. During the Thursday night banquet, George Washington was joined by students and faculty alike who came dressed as founding fathers, mothers, and other early Americans settlers. Appearances included John Adams, Paul Bunyan, and Daniel Boone.

After the family style meal, KMBC’s history professor, Mr. Richard Engelhardt, gave a presentation on the Constitution featuring short biographies of a few founding fathers as well as clips from the video A More Perfect Union, the story of the Constitution. Students and faculty clapped along with the members of the Continental Congress as the Constitution was signed. 

The annual Constitution Day Banquet has been a tradition at KMBC for over five years and is a special time to celebrate that for which our country stands.