Holiness Summit 2012

On October 30 to November 1, 2011, KMBC hosted its first Holiness Summit. It was a tremendous success in every way! The services were well attended, with visitors coming from eight different states. The music and the preaching were especially anointed. It was like compressing the best of a ten day camp meeting into three days. 

Before the last "Amen" was said at our 2011 Holiness Summit there was a building consensus that "we must do it agian next year!" KMBC is delighted to announce that we have three outstanding holiness speakers scheduled for this fall's Holiness Summit.


The Scheduled Speakers are:


Dr. Nina Gunter, retired General Superintendent and former Director of World Missions for the Church of the Nazarene.


Dr. Norman Wilson, speaker for the Wesleyan Hour radio program for many years and former editor of the Weslyan Advocate. 


Dr. John Oswalt, renowned Wesleyan scholar, author and evangelist, professor at Asbury University, Asbury Seminary, and Wesley Biblical Seminary. 


Be sure to make plans to attend! While last year's summit was outstanding we are hoping that this year will be even greater. All are welcome to attend these services, where we anticipate rich exhortations to live pure, holy lives for the glory of God!




 To make reservations or for more information, please call (606) 693-5000.

Area Hotels:

Paul's Motel: (606) 666-2471
1184 Main Street  Jackson, KY 41339

Jackson Inn: (606) 666-7551
19 Brewers Drive Jackson, KY 41339

Campton Parkway Inn: (606) 668-7072
205 Quillins Chapel Service Rd. Campton, KY 41301.