Spring Revival 2012


The Lord anointed Rev. Moyer, who faithfully delivered the Word in each of the eight services. God also worked in the hearts of students well before Rev. Moyer arrived on campus. KMBC places an emphasis on prayerfully preparing for revival, and this preparation makes a noticeable difference in the spirit of obedience in the services. Thank the Lord He did not wait until the first service of revival to begin speaking to hearts! Throughout the week, Rev. Moyer presented challenging messages about turning from sin, living above sin, and being completely committed to love and serve God.


The final service was scheduled for Friday evening in the chapel sanctuary, but as Breathitt County was under a tornado warning for at least an hour that evening, the service moved to the chapel basement. No severe weather affected the county or the college, but the school decided to take safety precautions just in case. Although in a more unconventional atmosphere, Rev. Moyer preached his last message as an exhortation to not keep quiet about the victories won during revival. He said that the truly victorious church will spread the story of Jesus to others in need of victory. The service concluded with a time of prayer for boldness to share the Gospel with people in our own lives.


God is due all the praise for the work that He did in hearts and lives during this revival! And KMBC prays that students will continue to seek the Lord, growing in Him and sharing the wondrous news of God's saving and sanctifying grace with the world.