KMBC is preparing for its second revival of the school year! Rev. Rodger Moyer from Sturgis, MI will be the evangelist, February 26-March 2, 2012.  The revival will start with a service in the McConnell Auditorium at Mt. Carmel, Sunday at 6:30 PM. Daily services will be held in KMBC's Helen Mathews Luce Chapel, Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM, and two evening services will be held in the chapel, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 PM.



For four consecutive years, KMBC's choir has been a part of the Easter Sunday service at the Sturgis Evangelical Church, where Rev. Moyer pastors. The school looks forward to returning the hospitality to Rev. Moyer as he ministers here for this spring convocation.


 In regard to preaching at KMBC, Rev. Moyer shares, “There have been a few 'special' highlights in my life as far as ministry is concerned: My first sermon, my first church, my first revival, my first camp meeting... To be asked to preach at KMBC is one of those very 'special' privileges that God has given me as well.”


He also says that he is open to God's leading in his ministry during his time at KMBC. “I'm preparing my heart and mind daily for the meetings and am looking forward to the time together. I assure you that I am making sure my own soul is absolutely clear spiritually so that I might be used of the Spirit fully.”

KMBC looks forward to hearing God's Word through this devoted messenger of God. It is the sincere prayer of the school that each person on campus can echo Rev. Moyer's intentions for this revival when he said, “I have no other desire than to please my Jesus.”