Paraguay Mission Team

Mission Paraguay

With lots of stories to tell, the mission team to Paraguay returned with a new enthusiasm and love for missions. The team consisted of six members: Shushan Richardson, John Sisler, Josh and Kara Huff, Mark England, and TJ Anderson. Anxious to leave snow covered Kentucky, the team departed the States on December 28th for the landlocked South American country of Paraguay. After a layover in Chile the team arrived in the summer heat of the capital city, Asunción.

Paraguay Mission Team


The team had the opportunity to work with WGM missionaries Larry and Sharon Carr in the capital as well as Andy and Lizet Bowen in the country side of Paraguari. During the nearly two week stay in the country, the team learned the art of brick and mortar laying as they built a home for Mariano, a paraplegic member of the community.





The team spent several afternoons assisting the missionaries with a Vacation Bible School program as well as a couple other mission projects back in Asunción.

The team was able to slip away for a couple sightseeing adventures. Though their plans to cross the Argentina boarder were altered, the team saw the beauty of God’s handy work in the Paraguayan country side.


Christianity came to Guarani people through Jesuit missionaries nearly four hundred years ago, for this reason most of the population identify themselves with Roman Catholicism. Only about four percent of the population claim to be a part of evangelical Christianity. Please keep WGM missionaries and the Paraguayan Christians in prayer as they seek to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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