Merry Christmas from Kentucky Mountain Bible College!

Christmas Child
By Sarah Richardson

Merry Christmas, little Child, KMBC Christmas Cantata
Happy birthday, tiny Lord,
I kneel before the humble manger
Of the mighty, living Word.

Angels sing to lowly shepherds,
In the night their voices ring,
Can You hear them, little Savior?
Can You hear the song they sing?

They sing the praises of a Child,
Sing the praises of a God,
Lord of all, to earth descending,
Those of heaven bring You laud.

Shepherds kneel before the manger,
Big hands touch Your tiny face,
Do You know the love they bring You?
Can You feel them, Son of Grace?

Lambs are bleating in the stillness,
Grown men weeping in the night,
Can You hear them, tiny Child?
Can You see them, Son of Light?

Mary’s eyes are filled with wonder,
Joseph’s eyes are filled with love,
Son of God, yet Son of mortals,
Tiny wonder, from above.

Do You know Your human parents,
You who gave them breath and life?
Can You see the humble Joseph,
As he smiles at his wife?

Wise men bow before their Maker,
Kings of east, of great renown,
Can You see the gifts they bring You?
Can You see their hearts laid down?

We of earth do bring You glory,
Shepherd, carpenter, and king,
We bring You honor, tiny Babe,
For we know the hope You bring.

But see, across Your manger bed,
Is the hope of all the lost,
For there, across Your tiny face,
Is the shadow of a cross.

Do You fear it, little Savior?
Do You fear the pain of death?
Do You know why You have come here,
Why You now draw mortal breath?

But now I hear a tiny laugh,Merry Christmas
As I touch Your infant head,
Do You know, then, little Savior,
That they cannot keep You dead?

Do You know that You will rise, Lord?
Can You see the empty grave?
Do You know the hope You’ve brought us,
Whom Your sacrifice will save?

Praise and glory, little Jesus!
Prince of Peace and Son of God,
With the shepherds and the angels,
Let us bring the Savior laud!

Merry Christmas, little Child,
Happy birthday, tiny Lord,
Thou Prince of everlasting life,
Merry Christmas, Living Word!

Copyright 2010 Sarah Richardson.
All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission.

Sarah Richardson


Sarah Richardson is a Sophomore at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. With a passion for missions, Sarah Richardson plans to graduate with her Missions B.A. in 2013.