Ashley Milks- Internship in Hungary


This past summer Ashley Milks, a Missions Major at KMBC, served as a VIA (volunteer in action) on the mission-field with WGM missionaries Dan and Katy Beth Searls. Although Ashley had originally planned on ministering in Grenada, God had other plans. After receiving word that her original trip had been canceled, God opened the door for Ashley to serve in the Republic of Hungary. 


In the capital city of Budapest and in Vác, Ashley was given the opportunity to serve in English camps. Here she assisted in teaching English and sharing the Gospel message with children and teens. She served in a variety of capacities from leading discussion groups and games, watching the toddlers, to cleaning, and lending a hand wherever a need was presented

Although the physical walls of communism fell twenty-one years ago, the spiritual walls continue to hinder evangelist work in Hungary. Though nearly seventy-five percent of the population claims Christianity as their religion, very few actually recognize Him as their Savior and Lord. Ashley commented there is a new hope in that the children, not having grown up in Communist Hungary, are more open to transforming Gospel of Christ.