Larry Smith Speaks in Chapel

 Mr. Larry Smith, editor of God's Revivalist and Bible Advocate and professor at God's Bible School and College, visited KMBC for a series of chapel services on the history of holiness.

He described the lives and dedication of John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Francis Asbury, and the early Methodists who so passionately lived and preached biblical holiness. His emphasis on a right relationship with God and a completely surrendered life circled back to the stories of the disciplined Methodists. He spoke of faithful men who not only lived good lives, but had genuinely transformed hearts.

Throughout the services, he challenged all in attendance to embrace the legacy of holiness left by these phenomenal individuals and apply the Scriptural teachings to heart and life. As these men were revolutionary in changing their world for Christ, Mr. Smith encouraged KMBC students to become modern-day, Bible-believing world changers!