KMBC Christmas Banquet, 2009


 On December 11, the KMBC campus community gathered in Brengle Hall for the annual KMBC Christmas Banquet!

Each year, the sophomore class plans and prepares the banquet, decorating the dining hall, organizing entertainment, and hosting this family favorite event at the close of the semester. This year, Mr. and Mrs. Street, sophomore advisors, led their class in putting on the banquet.

The banquet meal included a seafood buffet offering white perch, shrimp, lobster cakes, hush puppies, and clam chowder, with the fresh taste of a chocolate/peppermint cake to end the dinner on a sweet note.


Dr. and Mrs. Fisher, who have served at KMBC for 70 years, led a peaceful time of reflection and prayer. Mrs. Fisher shared a special Christmas devotional from her heart. After Mr. Fisher prayed for the children of the campus, asking God's blessing upon and guidance in the lives of the KMBC little ones, the children received and opened Christmas presents.  

At the close of the banquet, faculty and staff role played the story of Christmas, providing humorous and light-hearted entertainment. This led the rest of the evening to be filled with relaxed and casual

fun. After open house visits in the dorms, everyone arrived again at the dining hall for Christmas goodies and high-energy games. Christmas song races, decorating class representatives as Christmas trees, newlywed (and no-so-newlywed) couple games, and more – all were fun and downright funny!

KMBC enjoyed the chance to take an evening away from the stress of studies and class preparation to celebrate the season in a fun and wholesome way!