Fresh snow fell on KMBC's campus on the morning of December 5, and students took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, winter weather! Some students made small snowmen. Some battled in huge snowball fights. And others simply watched as snow fell gracefully, creating a white blanket which covered the ground and rooftops.

The snow provided one or two students with a first-time experience. Marie Derozin, who hails originally from Haiti and lives in Florida, had never witnessed any kind of snowfall outside of songs and movies.

“I looked out the window, and I was so excited!” Derozin said, recalling her reaction to first seeing the snow on the cold, Saturday morning.

Others could not count how many times they had seen snow. Ashley Milks, a self-proclaimed snow enthusiast from Pennsylvania, had been hoping for snow on campus for some time. When a dorm mate informed her of the morning's snowfall, Ashley celebrated, running through the dorm excitedly.

Ross Foley, from Michigan, shared that he was glad to see the snow because it served as a special reminder of the celebration of Christmas and this season.

The snow did not stay long. It soon melted by the end of the day and returned briefly the following Monday, only to vanish again. But the memories of first seeing snow for some, experiencing a favorite winter-time activity for others, and remembering to celebrate Christ's birth even through the weather stay with the KMBC community. Let it snow!