Wesleyan District Superintendent Speaks in Chapel


RGleen D. Blackev. Glenn Black, the District Superintendent of the Kentucky District of the Wesleyan Church, spoke in KMBC chapel today. Rev. Black has served in that capacity for twenty years. After speaking to the KMBC Pastoral Ministries class today, Rev. Black preached a chapel message focusing on what a District Superintendent is looking for in a pastor.  The pastor must be willing to suffer for the sake of Christ, stand up for Christ, speak the Word of God with boldness, strive for souls, administer service–lowly or great, and stay rather than running from the hard place. What a thrilling challenge!

 Rev. Black shared his deep appreciation for Bible College. He went on to tell some of his own personal testimony and life experience. He told his story as an aimless teen, drifting through life, seeking the easy way, until God spoke clearly to him from the Word, calling him to preach. Rev. Black’s entire life and future changed. God’s call gave purpose and direction for His life. Rev. Black challenged the KMBC student body with the honor and privilege of the call to preach the Word.


Thrilling victories and growth are happening at KMBC! We are infusing the next generation of Christian leaders with a passion for holiness. Thank you for loving and supporting us. We treasure your friendship.