KMBC Alumnus Honored in Chapel Service


Chapel service on Tuesday, October 27, was a very special event. The KMBC Alumni Association conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award on Dr. John Mark Barnes at the beginning of the service. Dr. Barnes is a 1963 alumnus of KMBC. He is Superintendent of the North Carolina District of the Church of the Nazarene and a member of the Advisory Board of Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN. Throughout his 44 years of ministry, Mark has served as pastor, held various district offices, and ministered/traveled in more than 40 world areas.



Mrs. Barbara Wright, Vice President of the KMBC Alumni Association, conferred the award. Everyone in attendance celebrated over 40 years of “faithful holiness ministry.” Mark tearfully accepted the award with thanks and praise to God. “Jesus is mine and I am his right now.” He said, “What I received in these places [Mt. Carmel and KMBC] is absolutely priceless.”Dr. Speas welcomed Dr. and Mrs. Barnes to campus and expressed delight to have them in chapel. Dr. Barnes opened the Word to classic holiness scriptures and proclaimed the clear holiness message. He emphasized the essential need of the new birth and entire sanctification. “I cannot depend upon what happened after lights out in a closet in a boys dorm at Mt. Carmel High School.  I must take up the cross today.  That’s the only way this experience (entire sanctification) is going to work -- I must be Jesus in the flesh.”Dr. Barnes' challenging message resonated with the KMBC community and many alumni who were present for the service. Students crowded to pray around the altar of the makeshift chapel in the Davis Building. What a thrilling spirit!