Summertime at KMBC

Summer is a busy time at KMBC.  Ministry teams are coming and going from campus.  Work teams are always passing through.  Faculty, staff, and administrators are vacationing and then returning to work.  Professors who minister as evangelists are holding revivals, camp meetings, and Vacation Bible Schools.  It is an exciting time.

We have two singing groups traveling for KMBC this summer.  Redeemed, a mixed trio and New Hope, a ladies trio, are blanketing the Eastern United States from New York to the Gulfcoast.
Please come see them at a service near you!

Two students are serving as camp representatives this summer.  Ean Green, a ministerial student, is ministering at seven camps this summer.  Shushan Richardson, a missionary under appointment with World Gospel Mission, is also a student at KMBC.  Shushan is in Ukraine on a missions trip in June, and then will represent KMBC at numerous camps throughout the summer. 

Dr. John Neihof is holding 2 revivals and 4 camp meetings this summer.  Dr. Philip Speas is a camp evangelist for Indian Springs Camp Meeting.  Other faculty and staff are active in ministry. 

The chapel construction continues to progress nicely.  You can view the progress via the Helen Mathews Luce Chapel webcam.

KMBC is hosting a youth camp as part of the Mt. Carmel Camp Meeting, July20-24, 2009.  This will be a high energy, spiritually dynamic event.  We are excited to bring this event to the KMBC family.

Come and visit us.
Make it a point to see our representatives as they areon the road this summer.
We are thrilled to have you as part of our team.