Discovery Days 2009

Alive? Does your heart beat for Jesus? This was our theme for Discovery Days 2009. We had almost 50 prospective students visit campus this weekend. We wanted them to discover the passion of Kentucky Mountain Bible College and what we are all about. It was especially a weekend of spiritual challenge. We wanted them to get the answers to their college preparation questions, and discover KMBC firsthand!

KMBC students put on a drama Friday evening. It was about teenagers who chose life in Christ. The scenes moved around campus from the chapel, to the coffee house, to a car wreck and the depiction of the final judgment. The drama was topped off with a challenging devotional from a student. There were also other activities that afternoon.The students gathered in the gym for games and later on the ballfield for outdoor games.

The KMBC choir and singing groups put on a concert Friday night. It was a great time of worshiping God.  The theme was presented loud and clear. We wanted our visitors to discover the heart and passion of KMBC students, faculty, and Staff. We want to be alive in Christ.  God wants our heart to beat for Him. The question then was, "Is your heart beating for Jesus?" 

In chapel Saturday morning, Dr. Speas presented a powerful message. He had his wife, a registered nurse, check several pulses to make sure people were alive. Dr. Speas went on the preach on being alive through Jesus Christ.  From exciting activities to a challenging chapel, Alive? showed the passion of a heartbeat for God.

The day continued with a college fair in the Davis Building. Prospective students had the privilege to talk to faculty about the different ministries of study.We also had several fill out applications for admissions in the fall.

Dr. Speas then gave a grand tour of the Helen Mathews Luce Chapel/Fine Arts Building Project. Everyone was invited to participate.

The day ended with lunch as our visitors headed their separate ways.

We thank God for excellent weather and safety this weekend. We continue to pray for those who came that God will do something great in their lives for His glory.