Creation Science Seminar

"Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark" was one of the many subjects in the Creation Science Seminar on Friday, March 13. Mr. Floyd Coates spoke on the importance on using the Bible as the basis for our understanding about life. "Creation of the World", "Are Dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?",  and "How many animals were on the Ark?", were other subjects during the seminar.  He also challenged us that science has just discovered what the Bible knew all along.  He used several scripture references to explain modern scientific discoveries. We appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Coates for their ministry to us. 

Mr. Floyd Coates is the president and owner of American Plastic Molding Corp. and Southern Mold and Tool Corp.  Coates is a former nominee for State Representative and U.S. Congress. He is an instrument rated pilot, musician, and speaker on free enterprise, political, and religious issues. He recently authored a book on customer service with 40,000 in print. Coates is married to Anne and they live near Scottsburg, Indiana. They have four children and twelve grandchildren!

The KMBC campus along with Mt. Carmel High School students met in the McConnell Auditorium for this event. Snow had blanketed the surrounding countryside making it a beautiful morning.

We want the next generation of holiness preachers, teachers, missionaries, and leaders to understand the world we are living in. To know the right answers and stand for what the Bible says. The Bible has the answers and evidence for Creation.