New Students this Spring

What an exciting day it was for Kentucky Mountain Bible College as we welcomed eight new students!  We thank God for this new year as we "climb higher" towards the blessings He has for us. We are thrilled to see new students come to this hilltop, live among Godly peers, study to be servants of God, and leave transformed individuals. We are excited about what God is going to do in their lives as they adjust to their new surroundings and experience life here at KMBC.

The J-Terms classes went well this year. There were several students who came back early to take the classes.  J-Term began January 5th and went through the 13th.  Introduction to Communications, Principles and Practices of Missions, and Teaching the Exceptional Child were the three classes offered.

The spring semester registration and classes began on January the 19th-21st The campus was covered with snow the first week of school. One activity during orientation was a drive to Natural Bridge State Resort Park for a scenic tour.  The beautiful scenery around us was much appreciated. We are also thrilled to have several students return after being away for a semester.  We praise God for providing for them and bringing them back our way. 

We thank God for the Faculty/Staff of Kentucky Mountain Bible College for their service. Their love and commitment to the Lord is shown in their faithfulness to His calling.  We thank God for a great semester He has in store for us. We want to follow His leading and direction into this new semester.