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Friday April 13th
Saturday April 14th


Challenging youth to stand courageously in a broken world.

     Do you have the courage to stand for what is right? On April 13th and 14th, Kentucky Mountain Bible College will be hosting Courage 2012. This event is open to any high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and recent graduates.

     Following registration, guests will be placed on teams for the Friday afternoon activities. Beginning with a geo cash hunt, an obstacle course, and crazy games followed by a humorous yet spiritually uplifting variety show, and the movie Courageous on the ball field; this exciting, humorous, and spiritually oriented weekend is one that you won’t want to miss!

     You will be surrounded by passionate college students preparing for the ministry. Visitors will be hosted in the college dorms. We welcome you to join our college family during this exciting event. Throughout the weekend, KMBC will provide the meals, housing, and all of the activates for FREE! We look forward to seeing you here!



Pastors and youth leaders, please bring your youth group, and climb higher with us at this exciting weekend!

Students will be housed in KMBC dorms.

What to bring:
 Sleeping Bag & Pillow
 Bible & Notebook

 Basic Information:
“Courage” is an event for High School Sophomores and above.
Please wear modest appropriate clothing.  No bare midriffs, sleeveless shirts, or shorts please.
Attendees are expected to attend all events.






     Friday, April 13                                                                                Saturday, April 14

1:00-2:00     -    Registration                                                        9:00-10:00    -   Breakfast
2:00-5:00     -    Games                                                                10:00-11:00  -   Chapel
5:30-6:30     -    Supper                                                                11:00            -    College Fair
7:00-8:30     -    Variety Show                                                      12:00            -    Lunch
8:30-10:15   -    Courageous                                                        12:45            -    Farewell
10:30-11:00 -    Devotions               


Some of the Activities to Look Forward To!


Car Racing


Variety Show