Transfer Students



In order to benefit your continuing education, KMBC will make every effort to accept as much transfer credit as possible.

We encourage you to submit your official transcript as soon as possible for evaluation. Have your previous college or university send your official transcript to the following address:

        Kentucky Mountain Bible College
        Attn: Registrar's Office
        855 Hwy 541
        Jackson, KY 41339


Are you a student or graduate needing KMBC to send your transcript to another institution? Please Click Here.

Transfer Credit Policy
  Transfer of Credit regulation at Kentucky Mountain Bible College  
  Students who have earned post-secondary credit at another institution are welcome to apply to Kentucky Mountain Bible College as transfer students. The following provisions govern the acceptance of credit:  
  1. Applicants transferring from another college will complete the regular admission process and present official transcripts from each college attended.  
  2. The Registrar makes all decisions related to the acceptance of transfer credits.   
  3. Credits must be comparable with courses offered at Kentucky Mountain Bible College and meet the requirements for the program into which the student plans to enroll.  
  4. Courses that contain a worldview or theological orientation in variance with the principles and mission of Kentucky Mountain Bible College may not be accepted.   
  5. Individual courses must carry a grade of C or greater.  
  6. Credit will be considered from the following institutions  
  a. an institution accredited by the ABHE   
  b. any institution accredited by an organization recognized by CHEA   
  7. Credits earned at non-accredited colleges may be accepted at the discretion of the Registrar and will be applied to the transcript after the transferee has completed 30 semester hours at Kentucky Mountain Bible College with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better.  
  8. A maximum of 35 credits will be accepted into a A.A. program or a maximum of 70 credits will be accepted into a B.A. program.  
  Residency Requirements for Graduation
  -Candidates for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion must complete 60 credit hours or two years of full-time study in residence at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.  
  -Candidates for an Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies must complete 30 hours or one year of full-time study in residence at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.