About Us

Kentucky Mountain Bible College (KMBC) challenges men and women to “Climb Higher” for God. 

KMBC is located in the midst of the breathtaking scenic wonder of Eastern Kentucky.  This rural area, rich in history and culture, allows the student a season of thoughtful solitude.  The focus on traditional Biblical values, spiritual character, a caring family atmosphere, a passion for a holy living, and high academic standards enrich each student who comes to KMBC. 


KMBC’s quality is ensured by a  student/faculty ratio of 6 to 1, guaranteeing personal spiritual care and academic instruction.  Course work, community life, work study, and field ministry serve to create a holistic learning experience.   KMBC seeks to launch servant leaders into diverse ministry-oriented careers with a minimum of academic debt.  Residential faculty, family style dining, and an open and caring atmosphere provide for a unique and thrilling learning experience. 

KMBC graduates are serving around the globe, crisscrossing the United States, and impacting over 50 nations.  From inner-city missions to denominational leadership; from international ministry to Native American outreach, KMBC graduates are making a worldwide difference.