Presidential Transition

Thanks for your interest in the presidential transition for Kentucky Mountain Bible College. The Governing Board of Kentucky Mountain Bible College has established a Presidential Search Committee with the following members:

Dr. Michael Avery


Michael has served as a pastor, missions director, denominational leader and for 22 years was the President of God’s Bible School and College. He presently travels speaking in seminars, Bible conferences and revivals. He is a member of the KMBC board.

Joy Paul


Joy currently resides on her family farm near Buffalo Mills, PA. She retired from Standard Bank after 45 years of service, several of which as President. After retirement, she joined the staff of KMBC as the Business Manager. She is retired, although she still volunteers at KMBC and serves on the KMBC board.

Rev. Glenn Black

Board Representative

Glenn has served as a pastor, editor of the God’s Revivalist, and District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church for 22 years. He served on the board of trustees of two universities and on the KMBC board for 11 years, nine of which he served as chairman.

Rev. David Cooper

Alumni Representative

David graduated from KMBC in 2003 from the pastoral ministry program. He is currently the senior pastor of Deford Community Church in Michigan alongside his wife Trisha (‘06) and their seven children.

Rev. Brian Rauschenberger

Staff & KMHA Representative

Brian has served as a pastor to several American congregations before serving as a missionary in Haiti for over 20 years. Presently he serves as a pastor for two congregations. Brian also serves as the Campus Pastor at Mt. Carmel School.

Presidential Search Process

Phase I

  1. Present Speas informed the Faculty, Staff, and Student Body of his intentions.
  2. The official search process officially began mid-September, 2021.

Phase II

  1. The search has begun with solicitation of candidates through (1) advertisement (2) direct appeal to Alumni, Faculty/Staff and Student Body (3) direct appeal to KMHA (4) advertisements and direct appeals to the broader Holiness Movement.
  2. Interested parties may email the committee at
  3. The website has a place for potential applicants with an outline of the search process

Phase III

  1. PSC meets to review names and create a list of candidates that they believe qualify and fit the KMBC President’s Profile and the KMBC campus culture.
  2. PSC makes contacts to discern interest and shortens the list by eliminating those who are not interested.
  3. PSC meets to further shorten the list and do some initial interviews with those willing to be interviewed.
  4. PSC presents the shortlist to the Board. The Board approves, shortens, or scraps the list.
  5. The PSC sets up second-level interviews with any name that is still on the list.
  6. The PSC votes on a person or persons as nominees to send on to the Board.

Phase IV

  1. The Board discusses the candidates. They question the PSC about each candidate. They also decide if they want to do in-person interviews with one or more of the candidates.
  2. If the Board has chosen to do in-person interviews, they are done at this point.

Phase V

  1. The Board takes a straw-poll vote on each candidate to get the mind of the Board as to what candidate seems to be preferred.
  2. The Board votes on a candidate.
  3. The Board elects the next President.

Phase VI

  1. The Board announces the new President-elect.
  2. The Board elects a transition committee to work out the details for the incoming president (timelines for moving, orientation, installation service, etc.) and the out-going president (celebration, etc.).

Information and Description of the Presidential Position

The presidential candidate will be the academic, spiritual, and institutional leader of Kentucky Mountain Bible College. The president provides executive leadership, and in partnership with the Board of Trustees, is responsible for the college’s strategic direction and success. The president leads the organization in achieving its mission, including overseeing its financial stability, community, and philanthropic relations, staffing, development, and operations, under the policies, directives, and guidelines established by the Board of Trustees. For a description of the ideal candidate as well as a job description with essential functions and competencies necessary to be successful in the position, please review the documents below:

Contact the Presidential Search Committee:

The Presidential Search Committee invites you to prayerfully submit your suggestions in the form below or by emailing the committee at