Angelica Bradley

Counselor, Instructor



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I was saved at a very young age. I used to struggle with doubt over the fact that I cannot remember my salvation experience. But God has since overcome every doubt. Though I don’t remember it, He does. The redeeming blood of Christ is not dependent upon my memory, praise the Lord!

When I was twelve, God used a Sunday night missions service to call me to share the Gospel interculturally. I used to think this call was narrow – a lifetime of ministry overseas in one area. But He broadens my horizons as He deepens my faith. My call is to live wherever He has me in a way that brings others to Him. It is a call to know Him. And I seek, by the grace of God, to live a life worthy of the calling I have received.

He changed my life. And like the woman at the well I say, “Come and see.” My hope is that you, like the people who heard her and listened to Jesus for themselves, will not rely on my testimony alone but will experience Him for yourself!

“All along, let us remember we are not asked to understand but simply to obey.” – Amy Carmichael

“Come and see a Man who told me all things that I have ever done! He cannot be the Messiah, can he?” (John 4:29)

  • 2022-Present: Hope Springs Counseling Center
  • 2021-Present: Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
  • 2020-Present: Instructor at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, Jackson, KY
  • 2020-Present: Counselor at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, Jackson, KY


  • Master of Arts in Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Malone University, 2021.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Elementary Education  – Kentucky Mountain Bible College, 2012.

Academic Awards, Certifications, Credentials, and Experience

  • Ministry in Mexico, Honduras, Ukraine, India, Ethiopia, and Uganda.
  • In association with Huntington University, trained Chinese public school teachers in Zhongshan, China in techniques of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).
  • Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society – Malone University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate – Kentucky, 2021