Outloud 2015

You could receive a $1000 scholarship! 
April 24-25, Apply Today!


Mount Carmel Youth Camp

It Could Change Your Life!
July 27 - July 31

Missions Convention 2015


Missions Convention
Watch the Convention LIVE

Cash 4 College


Free money for the 2015 fall semester!
Apply now and receive $500!

Phonathon 2015

Just Say Yes!

It's Phonathon Time
January 26th - February 7th

Overflow 2014


 Invite a Friend for a Fun, Inspirational, 
Informative, and Action-Packed KMBC Open House!


Biblical Church Growth & Evangelism Conference

Biblical Church Growth & Evangelism Conference
November 7 & 8, 2014

A New Start

A New Semester: Fall 2014
Being Outstanding for God

Summer Singing Groups


Summer Singing Groups are on the Road!
Get a Copy of the Schedule Today

Faculty Spotlight

Rev. Steve Bagby
Professor of Bible & Theology

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