Preparing for Missions

Sarah Fortner, Class of 2013
“KMBC is a great place to learn practical ministry”

China Missions Chapel

Faculty Member Ministers in China
Teaching Visual Aids

The Face of KMBC

Summer Counseling Teams
Touching Lives for Christ!


Fellowship of Praise

Students Meet Together to Praise the Lord
"Come into His Presence with Singing"

A KMBC Missionary


Dave Boleratz
"This is My Mission Field"

"Give, Go, Pray"

Missions Cabinet Chapel
Passion for Missions

Honey-Bee Festival

More than Just a Parade
"There's Honey in the Rock for You!"

A New Semester ...


Off to a Great Start!!
Watch Chapel Podcasts Online

KMBC Vice President Receives Outstanding Citizen Award


Rev. Thomas Lorimer honored for religious service in Breatthit County.


Creation Seminar

  April 18 - 19

Podcasts are Available!

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